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British Columbia is a popular immigration destination in Canada due to its thriving economy and job opportunities. The British Columbia Provincial Candidate Program (BC PNP) provides skilled workers and entrepreneurs with a fast-track route to obtain permanent residency in the province. The program is designed to expedite the process of obtaining Canadian PR status for interested immigrants.


BC PNP Pathways

A detailed explanation of the three main pathways: Skills Immigration, Express Entry, and Entrepreneur Immigration

The BC PNP offers immigrants three main immigration pathways, with two pathways common for graduates and employees – Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC – and the third stream for entrepreneurs. Each stream has subcategories that you can select based on your international student status, job, or skill level under the National Classification. BC PNP Sweepstakes are held regularly, and candidates are invited to enter through one of her BC PNP eligible streams.


The Skills Immigration pathway

The Skills Immigration pathway in British Columbia is for skilled and semi-skilled workers in high-demand occupations, with various sub-streams available. Applicants can apply through the BC PNP online registration and application process and the paper-based PR application process. While an Express Entry profile is not mandatory, having one can accelerate the PR pass for qualified candidates.


The Express Entry pathway

The Express Entry pathway is a fast way for qualified skilled workers to immigrate to the province and requires applicants to have an Express Entry profile number, an IRCC Express Entry Job Seeker Validation Code, and a permanent, open-ended job offer from a local employer. Also, applicants must qualify for the Federal Economic Immigration Program as well.

Candidate must demonstrate that they have the minimum qualifications for one of the three IRCC Express Entry programs, and meet several other requirements.


The Entrepreneur Immigration pathway

The Entrepreneur Immigration pathway is for experienced entrepreneurs who plan to actively do business in the province. There is an invitation system based on points, and applicants must have the necessary investments and personal funds. The sub-streams of BC Entrepreneur Immigration are British Columbia Entrepreneurs Regional Pilot, Entrepreneur in British Columbia, and Strategic Projects in British Columbia.


Tech Pilot program

In addition to these pathways, British Columbia launched a Tech Pilot program in 2017 that allows IT and technical staff to migrate to BC and obtain PR status for Canada. The province also manages some of the PNP streams through a proprietary system known as SIRS (Skills Immigration Registration System), and some streams do not require candidates to hold a job offer from a province employer.

Overall, the BC PNP offers a variety of pathways for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and IT and technical staff to immigrate to the province and obtain permanent residency in Canada.


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