Saskatchewan PNP Program

Get to know about Saskatchewan PNP Program


Saskatchewan offers immigration pathways to applicants as part of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Candidate Program. SINP will allow states to:

  • Invite Canadian PR applications from non-Canadian people seeking to settle in Saskatchewan
  • Nominate the applications of successful applicants for Canadian PR to the Federal Government 

Getting a nomination through SINP is the first step to becoming a permanent resident in Saskatchewan. Applications approved by SINP are processed for Canada PR by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

What are the different PNP immigration categories in Saskatchewan?

The Saskatchewan PNP allows the province to nominate PR visa applicants to the Government of Canada through three main immigration categories:

  • Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Program
  • Saskatchewan Experience Program
  • Saskatchewan Business Immigration Program

These immigration routes are further divided into sub-streams to accommodate different immigration applicants.

International Skilled Worker Category – Saskatchewan

The International Skilled Workers category is divided into three sub streams.

Jobs in Saskatchewan subcategories:

  • Sub-Category Saskatchewan Employment Offer
  • Subcategory Saskatchewan Occupation-In-Demand
  • Sub stream’s “Saskatchewan Express Entry” 

“Employment on Demand” operates via the EOI (Expression of Interest) system.

Saskatchewan Employment Offer  

Professionals with qualified occupational openings in the province can choose to migrate to Saskatchewan via this sub stream. Both candidates with legal standing in Canada and those located outside of Canada are eligible to apply for this subcategory.

Saskatchewan Occupation-In-Demand 

Although there are no vacancies, professionals with advanced skills in jobs in demand in Saskatchewan can apply for this sub stream of the Saskatchewan PNP. A list of occupations not included in this sub stream is published by SINP. Both candidates with legal standing in Canada and those located outside of Canada are eligible to apply for this subcategory


Saskatchewan Express Entry 

The sub stream is open to skilled workers who are in the Federal Express Entry Pool and want to live and work in Saskatchewan. Both individuals who have legal standing in Canada and those located outside of Canada can apply for this subcategory.

The requirements for the Express Entry subcategory of the Saskatchewan subcategory for applicants are:

To be eligible for the sub stream, the candidate must meet several criteria. Firstly, the candidate should have a profile in the Express Entry Pool that includes the candidate’s verification code and profile number.

Additionally, they must score at least 60 points on the SINP scoring grid. Moreover, the candidate needs to provide a valid language test score from a specific testing agency that matches the score specified in their Express Entry profile.

Furthermore, they should have completed one year of post-secondary education, training, or education equivalent to the Canadian education system and earned a degree, certificate, or diploma.

If the diploma or degree was obtained outside of Canada, it must be evaluated for eligibility.

Moreover, the candidate should have at least one of the following experience requirements in a vocational, training, or educational field: one year of professional experience in (non-commercial) trading within the last 10 years, two years of trading experience within the last five years, one-year professional experience (non-trade and trade) in Canada within the last 3 years, or work experience in highly qualified NOC occupations 0, B, and A not included in the exclusion list.

In addition, if the candidate’s occupation is artisanal or regulated, they must obtain the appropriate license in Saskatchewan. Transactions require a certificate from the Saskatchewan Trade Certification and Apprenticeship Commission. Lastly, the candidate must have evidence of a settlement plan and settlement funds.


Saskatchewan Experience Category


Skilled workers with existing work permit

Skilled workers who have worked in Saskatchewan for at least six months and have a valid work permit are eligible to apply for this subfield.


Semi-skilled Agriculture Worker having Existing Work Permit 

Semi-skilled farm workers who have worked in Saskatchewan for at least six months and have a valid work permit are eligible to apply for this sub-branch.


Health professional

Nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals who have worked in Saskatchewan for at least six months and hold a valid temporary work permit are eligible to apply for this sub-branch.


Hospitality Sector Pilot Project 

Any foreigner who has worked in any of her three occupations in Saskatchewan for at least six months is eligible to apply for this sub-branch.


Long haul truck driver

This sub stream allows long-distance drivers who work in Saskatchewan and have a valid temporary work permit to apply for their PR visa in Canada


Saskatchewan Student Stream

International students who have graduated from a post-secondary institution in Canada or Saskatchewan are eligible to apply for this sub stream. Furthermore, the following falls into two subcategories.

  • Students who have graduated from a Canadian institute
  • A student who graduated from a school in Saskatchewan 

Saskatchewan business immigration


The Saskatchewan Entrepreneurship subcategory allows applicants and their family members to acquire, start, or work on a business within the state. Applicants must be actively involved in running a company and reside in Saskatchewan. It has a process that contains three phases.

  • EOI – Expression of Interest
  • Invitation to submit an application
  • Nomination 

Successful applicants come to Canada on a temporary work permit. They qualify for the nomination after spending six months building a business in the state.

International Graduate Entrepreneur

Saskatchewan’s International Graduate Entrepreneurship subcategory is intended to assist foreign students who have graduated from institutions within the state to remain in Saskatchewan as entrepreneurs and to attract investment in their companies. 

Farm Operators/Owner

Individuals with agricultural experience who purchase and operate farms in the province are eligible to apply for this Saskatchewan subcategory. There is also a path for young farmers looking to settle in Saskatchewan.

Successful applicants will be offered a Canadian PR visa directly. Certain candidates may also enter Saskatchewan on a temporary work permit while their PR visa application is being processed.

Saskatchewan PNP Draws

The Saskatchewan PNP draw is held regularly by the State of Saskatchewan. Through a draw, we seek candidates for the IRCC Express Entry pool who can meet the requirements of the Saskatchewan immigrant flow eligible for Express Entry. SINP screens candidates in the Express Entry Pool and personally invites them to live and work in Saskatchewan.


How are Saskatchewan PNP points calculated?

The SINP Score Calculator, also known as the Nomination Assessment Grid of Saskatchewan, is used to assess an applicant’s eligibility under the SINP. Assessments are skill-based and thus help eligible immigrants arrive in Saskatchewan.

The evaluation grid has a maximum of 110 points. Applicants must achieve at least 60 points to qualify for the program. Applicants must submit supporting documentation with their SINP application to prove they meet the 60-point requirement.

The SINP evaluation grid is also used to rank candidate expressions of interest. Candidates with the highest scores are most likely to be invited to apply for the SINP.

Where multiple candidates have the same score, Saskatchewan reserves the right to apply additional criteria to prioritize candidate selection. In this case, SINP will give preference to applicants who are related to previous education/experience/relatives in the province. If many candidates still hold the same score, SINP gives preference to candidates with higher language scores and more years of work experience.


The Saskatchewan Immigrant Candidate Program awards point to candidates based on five factors:

1) Age:

You must be under or at 50 years of age before submitting your application to SINP. A maximum of 12 points can be earned for this factor.


2) Education:

Must be well-educated at a reputable university or higher education institution.

However, under special circumstances, specialization/educational requirements may vary by profession. You can earn up to 23 points for this factor.


 3) Work experience:

You must have at least three years of relevant full-time paid work experience in the nominated occupation. Only the last 5 years of experience will be used to calculate points. Claimed professional experience must be related to the specific job selected in the application. A maximum of 15 points can be earned for this factor.


4) Language Ability:

To claim language proficiency credits, you must meet the English language requirement. You can earn up to 20 points for this element.


5) Adaptability:

Adaptability is not a mandatory requirement, but it is important to note that you can earn extra points if you qualify for this element. You can earn up to 30 points for this factor.


What jobs are in demand in Saskatchewan?

To be eligible for entry into SINP Express, you must have at least one year of full-time work experience in a TEER Level 0, 1, 2 or 3 occupations. Occupation is ineligible if included on the Excluded SINP Occupation in Demand List.

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