Ontario PNP Program

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Ontario PNP Program

Located in central Canada, Ontario is the most popular destination for foreign immigrants arriving in Canada. Canada’s economic center is the city of Toronto, and its capital is Ottawa. Toronto has a reputation for being the most multicultural city in the world and multiculturalism is highly valued in Ontario.

The Government of Ontario operates the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) to select immigrant applicants, address the province’s labor market shortage, and provide permanent residency, allowing them to contribute to the economy. OINP facilitates the immigration of qualified professional and managerial foreign workers and students, meeting the staffing needs of Ontario employers. The Federal Immigration Service IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) partners with the Government of Ontario to operate the program.

Candidates interested in immigration to the state must go through this two-step process:

  • Apply to the Ontario Government for nominations.
  • If nominated by a province, apply to the federal government of Canada for permanent residency.

What are the different immigration streams under the Ontario PNP?

As the provincial nominee program (OINP), it consists of multiple immigration pathways through which a foreigner can obtain their PR visa in Canada. The Ontario PNP was strategically designed to attract immigrants to specific areas that would benefit the province like the workers in understaffed industries, skilled workers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Three immigrant streams are managed by the Ontario Immigrant Candidate Program.

Ontario offers multiple streams for immigration, including Employer Recruitment, Human Capital, and Business Immigration, each of which is further divided into several subcategories. Candidates can directly apply for Ontario nominations through five streams, including all three sub streams under the Employer Job Vacancy stream and two sub streams under the Overseas Student stream.

Moreover, Ontario operates in three streams for Federal Express Entry, targeting applicants with the necessary qualifications, such as experience, education, language skills, and the ability to settle in Ontario and contribute to its economic development.

As a result, this creates a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs who wish to immigrate to Ontario. By submitting an expression of interest, they can showcase their business experience and demonstrate their potential to contribute to the province’s economy. This approach differs from other immigration programs that have a more structured application process. Additionally, the absence of federal immigration program requirements can simplify the application process and provide more flexibility for candidates. Therefore, this category could be an excellent option for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Ontario.


Human Capital Program Ontario

Ontario’s Human Capital Program consists of several immigration categories targeted at candidates needed for the province’s workforce. These streams emphasize experience, skills, or abilities that demonstrate that immigrants can easily enter the Ontario job market. An immigrant with state education or work experience, fluency in French and English, and an Express Entry profile may be successful in one of the following categories:

  • Express Entry – Human Capital Priorities
  • Express Entry Skilled workers French speaking
  • Express Entry – Skilled Trades
  • Graduate – Masters
  • Graduate- PhD

Employer Job Offer Program Ontario

The Ontario Employer Job Offer immigration stream is for applicants who have a valid job offer from an in-province employer. Certain conditions must be met for both the job offer and the employer to be valid. Additionally, applicants must also meet certain eligibility criteria based on the stream they wish to apply for.

  • Overseas workers
  • International students with job offers
  • Skills In-Demand

Business Immigration Program Ontario

Ontario business migration streams are aimed at wealthy businesses and entrepreneurs interested in making significant investments for business development within the province. Established businesses and entrepreneurs can start new businesses in Ontario. If these projects are successful, the applicant concerned will be nominated for their PR visa to Canada.

  • Entrepreneur
  • Investor – (currently closed)
  • Company – (currently closed)


Ontario PNP Draws

Ontario conducts the OINP draw every month. It will provide regular NOI-Notices of Interest to candidates in the Express Entry pool and an invitation to apply for nomination via one of the OINP streams aligned with Express Entry. The methods and details used for each search will be announced after the draw.

What is the Ontario PNP processing time?

OINP processing time can be divided into two periods:

  • Time Required for Ontario to Offer Nominations
  • How long does it take to process and provide for Canada PR visa

The state estimates that it takes approximately 90 to 60 days to process most immigrant flows. Additionally, Express Entry Skilled Trade applications are processed within 60-30 days, while the processing time for each business immigration application is determined by the application’s complexity.

Moving on to the federal IRCC’s processing times, non-priority state endorsement applications are currently being processed within 19-15 months. However, Express Entry streams typically have an average processing time of 6 months.

What are the minimum requirements to apply for OINP?

Mandatory Ontario PNP requirements for HCP streams are:

Appropriate work experience

To be eligible for OINP, applicants must have completed at least one year of paid, full-time, uninterrupted work experience. The experience must meet the qualification 0, 1, 2, or 3 as specified by the TEER. It is important to note that the professional experience must have been obtained within the past five years from the date of application. Furthermore, the occupation stated in the application must match the occupation entered in the Express Entry profile.

Education level

You must have a college degree, university degree, or Ph.D. If you earned your degree outside of Canada, you must also submit an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Report.

Language skills

For IELTS Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading you must have at least 6 bands of proficiency in all 4 modules and it can be in either French or English

Proof of fund statement

You should have sufficient funds to support yourself and your dependents when you arrive and settle in Ontario, as demonstrated by the proof of funds. A statement can be created from your bank account, mutual fund, or fixed deposit.


You must be under the age of 49 when submitting your application in Ontario

Settlement plan

OINP requires applicants to provide a residency plan that demonstrates their intention to permanently reside in Ontario. This plan should be designed to support their good intentions and showcase their commitment to making Ontario their permanent home.

What jobs are in demand in Ontario?

Ontario’s list of in-demand jobs includes all jobs that are in high demand in the province and that urgently need skilled workers to fill gaps in the job market. OINP invites thousands of skilled immigrants each year to address the state’s shortage of skilled and qualified workers.

The OINP job listings are published annually. This allows foreign workers to apply for desired jobs and also helps Ontario employers nominate qualified candidates

How are points calculated for the Ontario PNP?

In order to apply through the HCP stream and the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS Score), you must meet the OINP point requirement of 67 points, which is the first step. Once the minimum OINP score is met, you can create an Express Entry profile and submit it to the Express Entry Pool alongside other qualified candidate profiles. The next step involves calculating the CRS score. It is important to note that the minimum CRS score required for PNP in Ontario is set by the provincial immigration office. Therefore, it is crucial to meet both the OINP score and the CRS score requirements to qualify for the PNP program in Ontario.

The OINP Score Calculator assists immigration applicants in calculating their CRS score for Ontario nomination based on factors such as education, work experience, and age. Once candidates have received a Notification of Interest (NOI), they are eligible to apply for a nomination from Ontario.

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