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How does the Canada Express Entry Program work?

Get acquainted with the Canada Express Entry Program before attempting to live and build a successful career there. The Express Entry System is available to immigrants from all socio-economic backgrounds who want to immigrate to Canada.

The Canadian government introduced the Canada Express Entry Program in January 2015 as an online immigration system for managing all economic category immigrants’ applications for Canada PR visas. Express Entry, a very thorough program, is crucial in controlling the flow of immigrants into Canada when taking into account a variety of different factors.


What are the features of the Express Entry program?

Canada’s Express Entry Program is a unique, rapid, points-based immigration program that makes it easy for skilled workers to obtain permanent residency in Canada. The Canadian government has taken a progressive and distinctive approach to selecting qualified professionals and allowing them to enter the country as permanent residents. The system processes immigration applications to Canada for eligible immigration applicants based on express entry points assigned to various factors such as experience, language proficiency, and skills.

The more points you earn, the higher your chances of winning the ITA – Canada PR Visa Application Invitation. Generally, PR visa applications through this program are processed within 6-12 months.

The program’s main components include:

  • This online program accepts applications at any time of the year and has no application limit.
  • Only the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Trades, and the Federal Skilled Worker Programs are eligible for this program.
  • You must fill out an EOI – Expression of Interest form and apply for any job category listed under Skill Levels 0, A, and B.
  • You will be admitted to the applicant pool following the evaluation of your profile based on your points score.
  • Accessing this pool will allow employers and Canadian provinces to find talents that fit their needs.
  • An ITA for a PR Visa is extended to the candidates in the pool with the highest points.
  • The offered number of ITAs is based on the annual immigration level.


How is Canada Express Entry implemented?

The main processes for applying for a Canada PR visa under the Express Entry program are listed below:

Step 1: Completing the profile  

The first step in obtaining a PR visa is to complete the digital Express Entry form and provide the necessary documentation regarding your education, employment experience, and personal documents.

Step 2: Express Entry Pool

When a candidate’s application is approved into the pool, they are given an Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code, which they can use to create their resume in the Canada Job Bank.

Step 3: Issuance of Invitation to apply

The candidates are chosen by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to be issued the Invite to apply after they receive the Express Entry Points following the Canada Immigration Draw.


How can I apply online for a Canada PR visa?

The required documentation for the application to become a Permanent Resident of Canada must be submitted as the final step. Candidates who have been shortlisted have 60 days to submit their entire applications and supporting papers; failure to do so leads to the termination of the ITA (Invitation to Apply).

Visa applications are accepted for the following categories through Express Entry:

  • Federal Skilled Trade Program
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Canadian Experience Class Program 

Additionally, through the Provincial Nominee Programs, the Provinces and Territories of Canada also provide ITA to qualified immigrants in the Express Entry Pool. Every applicant that enters the pool is given a score using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) out of 1200. The distribution of points is depending on a variety of characteristics, including employment offer, age, adaptability, and language proficiency.

The best candidates are periodically given an ITA, which gives them 60 days to complete their application for a Canada PR visa. Additionally, individuals can search for jobs in Canada by opening a Job Bank Account following the construction of an Express Entry profile. Even after coming to Canada, they can still use the Job Bank to look for employment.

By taking our free online assessment, you can learn more about your Express Entry and Canadian immigration possibilities.

The Canada Skilled Occupation List: What is It?

The only component of your application for a Canada PR Visa that matters significantly in addition to your CRS score is the Skilled Occupation List.

The IRCC uses the National Occupational Classification, or NOC, to categorize jobs with high demand in the Canadian labor market. The jobs are divided into groups based on the tasks required and the work produced by the job holder.

The primary employment categories for immigration to Canada are: 

“0” skill class: This group comprises positions in management such as:

  • Shore Captains, Restaurant Managers, Mine Managers
  • Dentists, Doctors, Architects
  • Plumbers, Chefs, Electricians
  • Long-distance truckers
  • Commercial butchers
  • Servers for food and beverages
  • Cleanup personnel Fruit pickers
  • Oil field personnel 


‘A’ Skill Level: A university degree is required for these types of jobs.


Skill Level “B”: This category of jobs typically requires a college degree or apprenticeship training.


“C” Skill Level: This type of employment requires high school credentials and job-specific training.


“D” Skill Level: The majority of labor positions in this category require OJT or on-the-job training.

To determine whether a particular sort of work experience or employment satisfies their eligibility requirements, Canadian Immigration Express Entry Programs use the NOC. The Express Entry programs classify jobs with TEER 0,1, 2, 3.


How does the Calculator for Canada Express Entry Points operate?

The Canada Express Entry Points Calculator gives a rough idea of ​​the points candidates must achieve to immigrate to Canada. Points are awarded via a CRS calculator based on several factors including language skills, work experience, education level, and age. The IRCC conducts regular bi-weekly draws to select the candidate with the highest CRS score. Selected candidates will be provided with an ITA by the IRCC for PR visa application and processing.


How can I verify my eligibility for Canada Express Entry?

Several questions must be answered to assess your Express Entry eligibility to work and permanently settle in Canada as a skilled worker. As mentioned above, this system has three programs, each of which has different eligibility requirements. Questions are asked based on:

  • Year
  • work experience
  • Level of education or qualifications;
  • Language ability
  • Approved Jobs 

Based on your responses, you will be notified about suitable streams for you. You must not provide misleading or false information regarding your profile.

Candidates who meet the criteria for Express Entry will be given full instructions on the next steps. This can range from creating a digital profile to providing key information. Profiles of candidates who meet the requirements will be included in the pool of applicants for PR visa processing and will receive an invitation to apply through the ITA.

How do I obtain an ITA for a PR visa?

The Canadian government generally holds an Express Entry draw every two weeks. Each lottery has a minimum CRS cutoff score that reflects the CRS score of the lowest candidate to receive her ITA for her PR visa to Canada in that lottery. Candidates who receive an invitation to apply must complete and submit the official online PR visa application form within 60 days.

Candidates are selected based on their ranking according to the CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System based on points. Immigration Canada regularly administers Express Entry Draws to maximize immigration opportunities for eligible applicants. It is now an established tradition that the IRCC conducts at least two lotteries each month as part of the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

Regarding the technical aspects of the Express Submission lottery, it uses a point-based system to select the best possible candidates for the Canadian job market. You must achieve a high score on the CRS to be selected based on various qualifications such as education, work experience, age, language skills, etc. Simply put, the higher your CRS score, the more likely you are to get an ITA in Express Entry.


How can I improve my CRS points to get ITA?

A low Canada Express Entry score shouldn’t make you feel anxious or depressed, as there are several ways to improve your CRS score. Some of them are:

Improve your IELTS score

Proving your language skills is one of the most important steps in the immigration process to Canada. Providing an IELTS score or similar recognized language test report is important for all Canadian economic immigration flows. So if you get bad results on your first try, you can take the test again and get professional help. It certainly provides a direct boost to your CRS points.

Take a French (TEF) Language Test

If you can work on a French language test that can drastically improve your CRS ranking by 72 points in the Express Entry pool. 

Upgrade your education

If you have done your Bachelor’s Degree and scored fewer points in the express entry pool then you can look forward to pursuing your post-graduation, diploma of 1 year, or a master’s degree of 2 years. 

A Master’s degree in comparison to bachelor’s degree increases 40 extra points in the express entry pool, wherein Post Graduation Diploma of 1 year can help increase 33 extra points in comparison to a bachelor’s degree.

A Ph.D. degree can increase 15 extra points on top of a Master’s Degree.

Spousal Factors

Candidates in Express Entry who are not single must include their Spouse or Common-law partner while creating their profile. Single applicants are eligible for claiming a maximum of 1200 points under CRS. However, applicants including the spouse are eligible to obtain a maximum of 40 extra points for the skills of the spouse. It is thus advisable to make your spouse the primary applicant and claim extra points if your spouse’s credentials are stronger than yours. 

Education level

Your spouse can claim up to 10 points for education. However, you must obtain an assessment of your qualifications by the World Education Service to prove the value of your education in Canada. If you have a master’s degree or higher education in Canada, your spouse can earn maximum credits.

Job offer

Arranged employment approved by the LMIA Labor Market Impact Assessment can add 50-200 points to her CRS score for the Express Entry program.

These points can be earned in the Express Entry Program at 50 or 200 points depending on TEER Skill Level 0,1,2,3. So getting jobs in Canada can be a very important part of getting permanent residency in Canada. You can search for jobs through the Job bank portal, which is accessed through the Express Entry program.


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