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The MPNP – Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program selects candidates for immigration to Manitoba based on the province’s specific economic needs. The program is intended to address the needs of the state’s labor market and its broader economic priorities. Interested parties are regularly informed of these focuses by a regularly updated list of in-demand jobs.

The four broad immigration pathways under the MPNP are:

  • Overseas route for skilled workers
  • Manitoba Pathway Skilled Workers
  • Road to Business Investor
  • International education pass

Also. the Manitoba PNP approves experimental visits by candidates as a part of the Francophone Route to Skilled Worker Migrants. Which is designed to help you integrate into the state as soon as you arrive.

What is the different immigration flows under the Manitoba PNP?

Each of Manitoba’s broader immigration routes is briefly outlined below:

Manitoba Pathway Skilled Workers

Manitoba’s SWM – Skilled Worker Pathway is designed to meet the needs of state employers. It selects overseas-trained workers with the necessary skills and offer nominations for Canadian PR visas.

This immigration route prioritizes candidates who have a strong Manitoba affinity, and this is further divided into two subcategories:

a) Pathway business experience in Manitoba

This category is for applicants currently working in Manitoba on a temporary work visa. This includes temporary workers and foreign graduates from Canadian institutions of higher education

b) Pathway Employer Direct Hire

This stream is for foreign applicants with job vacancies from accredited employers in Manitoba.

Overseas route for skilled workers

SWO – Overseas immigration routes for skilled workers include special express immigration flows and direct flows to rural areas. Though, it targets qualified and trained foreign skilled workers in high demand occupations in Manitoba. Its preference will be given to applicants with close family ties and spouses. Other priorities are language skills, education, and professional experience to find work quickly.

a) Pathway Express Entry Manitoba

This pathway is for foreign applicants who are eligible through another stream of the MPNP, meet the criteria for Express Entry, and have a valid profile for Express Entry. Moreover, candidates must have experience, education, and skills in one of Manitoba’s most in-demand occupations, and have close family and state ties.

b) Pathway Human Capital

This pass is for skilled foreign workers with experience, education and skills in one of Manitoba’s most in-demand occupations. You will also need to prove that you can find a job as soon as you arrive in Manitoba.

International Education Pass

This pass is for international students who have graduated from a Manitoba University or College. Candidates applying for MPNP nomination are no longer required to work in that field for six months. There are Next he falls into three subcategories:

a) Pathway Career Recruitment

Pathway Career Employment under the IES accelerates the nomination of international graduates in STEM mathematics, engineering, technology and science. The internship you do must contribute to the innovation factor. Further,  a college-educated foreign applicant with openings in one of Manitoba’s most in-demand occupations, one must be unemployed for six months before applying. 

b) Pathway Graduate Internship

Pathway Graduate Internships are open to PhD and graduate students. Nomination of yours will be accelerated through an internship that contributes to innovation in Manitoba’s industry. Also, the Graduates who complete an Elevate or Mitacs Accelerate internship can apply after graduation. Recruitment is not required.

c) Pathway Student Entrepreneur

The Pathway Student Entrepreneur is for Manitoba graduated foreigners who want to start a business in Manitoba. The applicants must meet the terms of a Business Service Agreement before being recommended for a Canadian PR visa.

Road to business investor

The Business Investor pathway is for qualified foreign entrepreneurs and business investors, who must be able and willing to establish or purchase a business in Manitoba within two years of arrival. This pathway is divided into two subcategories.

The first subcategory, Career Entrepreneur, is for candidates who wish to start a business in the state and are initially provided with a temporary work visa. After establishing a business that meets the conditions of the Business Benefits Agreement, candidates are nominated for a PR visa for Canada. However, applicants starting a business outside of Winnipeg are given preference.

The second subcategory, Pathway Firm Investors, is for candidates who want to start and manage a farm in rural Manitoba. Initially, candidates are provided with a temporary work visa, and nominations for Canadian PR visas are offered after establishing a business that meets the requirements of the Business Benefits Agreement.

In summary, the Business Investor pathway provides two subcategories for qualified foreign entrepreneurs and business investors, each with its specific requirements and conditions.

How are MPNP points calculated?

Manitoba’s points-based system selects and nominates eligible candidates for in-state arrival and permanent residency. Candidates who achieve the minimum required score on the Manitoba Immigration Score Calculator can apply for a Canada PR visa upon receiving a Provincial Endorsement Certificate.

To apply for the MPNP Skilled Worker category, achieving a score of 60 out of 100 is a prerequisite. Moreover, candidates are awarded points based on five factors. After achieving a score of 60 or higher out of 100, candidates become eligible to submit their application through the MPNP Skilled Worker Pathway. Subsequently, an EOI – Expression of Interest must be submitted, which is evaluated again in a ranking system totaling 1000 points. The candidate with the highest score in the candidate pool is provided with a State Certificate of Nomination, and they can then apply for a Canada PR visa.

Additionally, candidates are evaluated on six factors, namely language proficiency, educational background, work experience, age, flexibility, and risk assessment. The final factor includes negative points that could affect the overall score.

What are the most popular jobs in Manitoba?

Manitoba employers’ needs and local operation form the basis of MPNP. Manitoba chooses skilled and knowledgeable foreign workers with the skill set required by the local labor market. In order to better identify candidates in the MPNP pool who can fulfill the needs of Manitoba employers, MPNP marks Occupation In-Demand.

Additionally, the MPNP list of occupations in demand undergoes regular updates. Candidates need to fulfill the specific requirements and criteria of any one of the various sub-streams mentioned under each immigration route. The popular occupations are prioritized in the EOI (Expression of Interest) draw.

Benchmark level for Canadian languages

The list of occupations in demand shows the threshold CLB level for all streams below skilled workers. However, some pathways impose higher eligibility requirements.

For instance, individuals who apply through the IES-International Education Pathway must have a minimum CLB level of 7 in all four skill areas (Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing), regardless of their occupation.

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