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Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The QSWP, also known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, is administered by the Government of Quebec in cooperation with the Federal Government of Canada, providing educated and highly qualified foreigners a route for immigrants to Canada to arrive in Quebec as skilled workers.

To evaluate immigrant candidates applying for the QSWP, a grid of selection factors is used. If an applicant earns enough points, they will be provided with a CSQ- Quebec Selection Certificate that can be used to apply for a PR visa to Canada. However, Quebec Immigration operates independently of the IRCC, and does not participate in the Express Entry Program or seek eligible immigrants through the Express Entry draw.

If interested in residing permanently in Quebec, applicants should apply directly to the Quebec Council and submit an Expression of Interest- EOI to the Quebec Ministry of Immigration. If their qualifications and/or skills meet the country’s requirements, they will receive an invitation to apply for permanent selection. It’s important to note that much higher points are awarded for knowledge of French than for knowledge of English.


What are the different Quebec immigration programs?

The Quebec Immigration Act 2016 and the Quebec Immigration Regulations 2018 have led to some changes to the immigration program administered by the Government of Quebec.

The new immigration program introduces an ARRIMA immigration system similar to Federal-style EOI – Expression of Interest to applicants in the skilled worker category, replacing the previous first-come, first-served system. A skilled worker selection grid assigns points to job openings in multiple regions of Quebec, and the QEP – Quebec Experience Program has been expanded to enable workers and their de facto spouse/spouse to be employed in Quebec at all skill levels.

In addition, the Entrepreneur Pathway has been launched for entrepreneurs receiving support from university entrepreneur centers, incubators, and business accelerators. However, the Quebec Investor Program now has increased net worth and investment requirements. Furthermore, the Self-Employed and Entrepreneurship Programs now include Deposits and Startup Deposits.

Quebec annually elects the highest number of foreign immigrants through its economic classes, which consist of five programs:


Quebec Skilled Workers Program

Foreigners settle in Quebec to hold jobs that may be pursued by foreigners. This is primarily determined based on the candidate’s experience, education, and other selection factors.


Quebec Experience Program

A foreign national who has worked in Quebec for one year within two years of the date of application, or a foreign national who has obtained a qualified diploma from a Quebec educational institution within three years before the application and has completed at least 50% of the duration of the program in Quebec. You need to prove your intermediate and advanced level knowledge of French using standardized tests.

How do I apply for the Quebec Entrepreneurship Program?

To apply for the Quebec Entrepreneurship Program, foreigners must operate a business established alone or in partnership, served by a university entrepreneurship center, incubator, or business accelerator, or owned with 25%. In addition, applicants must be forming a company in which they have rights or have acquired company control with at least 51% of the company.


Quebec Investor Program

A foreigner who has:

  • Two years of relevant leadership experience in the last five years before applying.
  • A legally acquired net worth of at least $2,000,000, excluding recently donated amounts, either alone or with an accompanying de facto spouse or spouse.
  • Agreed to invest $1,200,000 over five years in approved corporate investments.


Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program

Foreigners come to Quebec to offer employment to applicants through the practice of occupations listed in the NOC (National Occupation Classification) or TEER system.

In the selection process for economy-class immigrants, points play a key role. The Immigration Department of Quebec MIDI: Ministre de immigration, de la Diversity et de inclusion, usually enacts a Ministerial Order that outlines:

  • The total number of points that can be awarded per selection factor.
  • The ability to create, delete, and/or modify mandatory thresholds that may be required of applicants for each elective element within each class of immigration.
  • The power to retrospectively enforce amendments that may apply to petitions filed before amendments that have not advanced to a particular stage in the review process.

Moreover, Quebec has a government agency that receives 50,000 immigrants annually under its current annual immigration plan. This includes about 30,000 immigrants from the economic class, far more than any other province in Canada. Every year, MIDI submits its annual report to the Quebec Legislature, detailing the total number of immigrants allowed into Quebec in the following year.


How does immigration work in Quebec?

The Government of Quebec has established specific eligibility criteria and application procedures for each Quebec immigration program. One of the most well-known pathways to permanent residency in Quebec is the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), which consists of two steps.

Stage 1: CSQ – Get the Quebec Choice Certificate

Applicants must first submit their EOI online via the ARRIMA portal. ITA by MIDI is offered to the best candidates for permanent selection. Candidates must apply online through Mon ProJet Quebec within 60 days of receiving the ITA and enter the final round in MIDI. If approved, selected candidates will be issued a CSQ – Quebec Selection Certificate.

Stage 2: PR Application – Permanent Residency

After receiving the CSQ, the candidate can apply for a PR visa for Canada as a selected skilled worker in Quebec at Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada-IRCC. IRCC verifies the application and approves Canadian PR visas. Also, the federal government largely limits its role to crime and health matters when reviewing PR visa applications for Quebec.


Expression of interest

MIDI introduced the EOI-Express of Interest system in 2018 to streamline the application process. Candidates must submit an online profile to Quebec’s EOIB (Expression of Interest Bank) to confirm their interest in immigrating to Quebec.


What is ARRIMA Portal?

ARRIMA is a new online portal for those wanting to immigrate to Quebec through QSWP. The portal allows year-round access and free EOI submissions. To be eligible, candidates must be at least 18 years old. MIDI selects candidates based on their employability and role in strengthening French language proficiency. Invitations are based on three main categories: Human Capital (education, French proficiency, age, etc.), ability to find work in Quebec, and training in areas where workers are in short supply. International applicants with high-demand job skills and a basic level of French proficiency are most likely to qualify for QSWP.


Mon Projet Quebec Portal

Candidates who receive an invitation to apply for the CSQ will be directed to a restricted area of the Mon Projet portal in Quebec. They will then be in a position to completely submit their application and make payment of the required fees for processing within three months.  Candidates can also track their application status. MIDI publishes a separate checklist of important documents when you are ready to process your application.


How many points do I need to immigrate to Quebec?

Applicants must ensure at this stage that they have met the requirements to pass the score below the selection grid.

For singles, 43 points are the employability threshold. Qualifications considered here include education, age, job offer, work experience, family and visits to Quebec, and language proficiency.

Additional points are awarded for financial independence and the presence of children. The selection criteria required to qualify for the QSWP is 50 points.

Candidates with a spouse will also have a certificate selected that takes into account the spouse’s education, age, and French language proficiency. Selection criteria for employability are also high, with a cutoff score of 52 points and a cutoff score of 59 points for QSWP selection.

Submission of documents

The required documents must be submitted within three months of receiving your checklist. Specific formatting requirements are imposed by MIDI on documents requested by candidates.

How long does the Quebec immigration process take?

The processing time of the Quebec Skilled Worker program is divided into two periods:

  • Time it requires to get CSQ from Quebec immigration
  • Time it requires to get PR visa for Canada from Federal Immigration Canada (15-17 months)

What occupations are in demand in Quebec?

The Quebec government regularly updates the list of skill areas that are key elements of Quebec’s skilled worker program. The list describes a wide range of studies in which applicants and their de facto spouses or spouses will be awarded diploma points obtained outside Quebec, acquired within Quebec, or deemed equivalent to Quebec credentials. 

The QSWP aims to select candidates who have the greatest potential for financial success in Quebec. The list of occupations in demand in Quebec maximizes the chances of international applicants qualifying under Quebec’s immigration rules if they do not have an intermediate level of French. 

Below is a partial presentation of a list of jobs in high demand for Quebec immigrants.

  • Management Occupations
  • Business, management, and finance professions
  • Applied Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Related Professions
  • Occupations in Health
  • Government Service, Religious, Social Science, and Educational Occupations
  • Occupations in leisure, sports, arts, and culture
  • Sales and service jobs
  • Equipment operator, trade, transportation, and correlated Occupations
  • Occupations other than manufacturing, processing, and utilities

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